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sauna relax

Fully equipped sauna for the most demanding guest.

The Hotel Conegliano Ragno D'Oro is located in the province of Treviso in the green of the Prosecco hills.

The favourable logistical position of our hotel at Conegliano Treviso allows guests to enjoy the peace and green of the countryside without having to give up the pleasure of a hotel with sauna relax to restore body and mind.

Among the various services offered, our hotel is often given a positive mention among hotels in Conegliano Treviso for its fully equipped sauna, enabling guests to relax without necessarily having to look for this facility elsewhere.

Ragno D'Oro Hotel with sauna relax at Conegliano, the ideal place for travel and relaxation in the green hills of Prosecco.

Book a stay with us and you will be pleasantly surprised by what our hotel offers.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday at our hotel, book now.